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Missionary Agency

"Going Into All The World"

   If you are a missionary looking for a dependable home office then you’ve found the right place! World Outreach Ministries, Inc. has a rich history of Stateside and overseas ministry. Our Missionary Service Agency has been specifically designed to assist independent, Spirit-filled missionaries who need a dependable home office. We help missionaries who affiliate with us by providing them with the logistic support that is so necessary to being successful in a long-term call to the mission field. Providing a missionary office, missionary assistance, and missionary help is what we do:
  • Support development - providing valuable information for building and maintaining a strong support base.

  • 24/7 Login - with our system, you can log in 24/7 from anywhere in the world to track your funds, work with your mailing list, make changes, generate reports, Excel files, create sub-lists, study giving trends, and much more.

  • Processing donations – processing all mail and donations on a daily basis.

  • Online gifts - facilitating online donations and automatic monthly gifts by credit and debit cards (including International Cards).

  • Donor receipts - receipting all donors in a timely manner with a tax deductible receipt (with a coupon that has your designation on it and a return envelope). Your friends can also opt for e-receipts if they prefer.

  • List maintenance – keeping your list current with updated information.

  • Deposits every two weeks - deposits for our missionaries every two weeks – most organizations only transfer funds once a month.

  • Friendship and networking - assisting with oversight, counsel, and friendship. We can be a sounding board for you and network you with other missionaries who may have been through projects, challenges, etc.
   It is encouraging for independent missionaries to realize that they are not alone in their call to the world harvest. We are here to stand with you and provide an ongoing service that is absolutely essential if you are going to be successful. We are serving missionaries like this all over the world -- in Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the islands of the sea.

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Your Missionary Call Deserves The Best!

Dear Friend,

jason_peebles   Our Missionary Agency developed as a result of my own travels over the years into many parts of the world. Wherever I went, I met quality missionaries who desperately needed a home office. They all seemed to say the same thing – “We need a DEPENDABLE HOME OFFICE that has our interests uppermost in mind. We want someone in the States who will do a good job for us month after month." Through these experiences God spoke to my heart about establishing our Missionary Agency. (You can read a short testimony of how our agency was formed in my study guide -- "The Secret of Desire." Click here).

   We have done it for one main reason – to advance the Great Commission by helping missionaries around the world. If you are a missionary in need of a home office then you’ve found the right place!

   Our philosophy is simple. We are here to help you fulfill your call by taking care of the “office stuff.” We believe in servant-leadership. Thus, we are here to SERVE you not control you. Our Missionary Agency will give you the administrative tools you need (for online donations, automatic gifts, monthly mailings, receipts, reports, deposits, etc.) AND the freedom you need to fulfill your ministry. Your call to missions deserves the best and we can help you fulfill that call. For more information please complete our Missionary Communiqué form. Discover how you can benefit from a dedicated home office.
   Jason R. Peebles 
What Services Do We Offer?
  1. We assist local churches by providing a dependable missionary office. This allows the missionary to benefit from specialized assistance that most churches are not prepared for.

  2. With our system, each missionary can log in to their account 24/7 from anywhere in the world to track funds, work with their list, make changes, generate reports, create Excel files, sub-lists, study giving trends, and much more. Having access to real-time data will help you better fulfill your mission.

  3. We facilitate Online Donations for our missionaries. Our online donation system can process USA cards as well as International cards. Thus, our missionaries truly have the opportunity for "Global Support" and are not limited to USA funding only. You can send emails to friends around the world with a shortcut to our online process ( Additionally, our online process allows donors to set up automatic monthly gifts which can further strengthen their support base.

  4. We maintain the missionary's list on a daily basis. We keep up with on-going changes such as new supporters, address changes, new and revised pledges, etc. Daily list maintenance is extremely important. We also handle questions and phone calls that come in from your friends and supporters.

  5. Donor receipts – we receipt all donors in a timely manner with a tax deductible receipt (with a coupon that has your designation on it and a return envelope). This one service alone is critical to a missionary's success. These letters: a) acknowledge recent gifts, b) remind your friends about our online donation process, and c) remind your friends to pray for you and stand with you. Additionally, your friends can opt for e-receipts if they prefer.

  6. We send deposits to the missionary's checking account twice a month -- on the 15th and 31st (most groups only send one deposit per month). Our system also provides Donor Reports every two weeks that shows the amount of the deposit, the names of their donors during the period, donation amounts, check numbers, credit card gifts, etc. In addition, we scan notes that may come in from your friends and email them to you. Having a dedicated Home Office is vital to your success.

  7. We provide missionary help with friendship and oversight. We can offer timely advice and counsel when called upon. Another benefit that our affiliates enjoy is being networked with our other missionaries. Our missionary assistance can mean friendships around the world.

  8. Our organization also provides two-way financial accountability. We maintain accurate records for the missionary and provide the 1099 Form for tax purposes. Our ministry uses an independent accounting firm in Cleveland, Tennessee -- Lawhorn & Company International, Inc. (

Commonly Asked Questions
  1. What is a Missionary Service Agency?

    • Broadly speaking, there are two main types of missionary agencies: SENDING agencies and SERVICE agencies. Our program is a Service Agency. Here are some of the main differences: a Sending Agency is usually much more controlling. They may even have a contract that you sign, and for all practical purposes, you are their employee. You go where they send you and do what they assign you.

    • Our philosophy is very different. As a Service Agency we feel that ministry decisions belong to the missionary, the Holy Spirit, and the home church that the missionary is being sent from. Our main purpose is to serve you administratively in many ways that churches are usually not prepared to handle -- mailing lists, online donations, receipting, computer generated reports, donor relations, etc. We see our role as serving you while allowing you maximum freedom to pursue your own missionary call. You are not working for World Outreach. In fact, you may even network with other missionary groups or outreaches. Our job is to provide you with a dependable home office. A dedicated home office can mean the difference between success and failure.

  2. What qualifications do you require before I can affiliate with you?

    • Your application will be analyzed on an individual basis. Generally, though, we require at least one of the following: (1) some kind of formal Bible training, OR, (2) some type of previous ministry experience that we feel has prepared you for your mission work. If you are just beginning in your mission work, we can help you network with more experienced veteran missionaries for a period of internship.

  3. Why not just start my own office?

    • Most missionaries do not have a budget that can afford an office and all that goes with it. Computers, printers, supplies, regulations, staff -- it all means a lot of money AND specialized knowledge. Our Missionary Agency is already set up to help you -- and for much less than it would cost to start, staff, and maintain your own organization on an on-going basis.

    • Beyond the financial questions are the "dependability" and "frustration" factors. Even if you had a office, someone has to run it. Over the years we have seen many missionaries return home because a part-time helper or well-meaning volunteer accepted more responsibility than they were prepared for. We have seen missionaries waste time and money wrestling with office problems while they were thousands of miles away. We can free you to concentrate on God's work by providing you with a dependable home office.

  4. Where will my support come from?

    • Your support base will come from friends, business people, churches, and new contacts that God will lead you to. We provide guidance on how to trust God for the support that is necessary for your vision. Many of our families plan “Missionary Receptions” in homes. All you need are a few key friends who will serve as “hosts” to plan a reception. This grassroots type of effort (much like a wedding or baby shower) will help you present your vision to interested people. We have had the joy of helping many individuals and families build their support base for the mission field.

  5. Do I really need an Agency like yours?

    • If you are called to long-term missions (as opposed to occasional short-term trips) the answer is "YES!” Today’s missionary work demands that you have a dependable home office, accurate record keeping, receipting, online donations, and a regular flow of reports. Generally, well-meaning friends and churches are not prepared to meet these specialized needs month after month. You do not need the frustration of trying to run an office while you are thousands of miles away. Proverbs 22:29 says, "Do you see a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before obscure men." We are here to help you be diligent in the practical side of your ministry.

    • Credibility – when your friends and supporters realize that you are affiliated with a Missionary Agency, it will bring a new level of respect and credibility to your presentation. Your friends will realize that you are not “on your own” and that you have a measure of accountability in your outreach. Your supporters want to know that their gifts will be properly processed and acknowledged.

Contact Us Today...  
Missionary Communiqué Form

   We believe that missionaries deserve the best! If you (or someone you know) needs our Missionary Agency, we are here to help. We want to stand with you and help you fulfill the high calling of God on your life. Please click on our Missionary Communiqué and complete the short form.

   You may also contact our office from 9am to 3pm Eastern Time -- (770) 424-1545.

   Explore how you can benefit from a dedicated team effort!

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