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spacerTHANK YOU for your heart to support the Great Commission! Scroll down for details about Online donations, mailing Checks, using Bill Pay, automatic monthly gifts, stock donations, crypto donations, and more.

bridgepay_logo200x150You can make a Secure Online Donation right now. All gifts are Tax-deductible. To give by Card or with your Bank info Click Here. If you want to set up automatic "monthly" donations, please read the information below on automatic gifts. [International Credit Card? No problem. Our system will process your card in USD$]. Canadian / English Pound / Euros / Japanese Yen / South African R / Swiss franc Fr / Ruble / Pesos / Saudi Riyal / Rupee / Chinese Yuan and more.
3 John 7-8 AMP . . . spacer"For these [traveling missionaries] have gone out for the Name's sake (for His sake). So we ourselves ought to support such people [to welcome and provide for them], in order that we may be fellow workers in the Truth (the whole Gospel) and cooperate with its teachers."
spacer Donate with Automatic Gifts

Donate with automatic gifts dot01spacerDo you want to set up Automatic "monthly" gifts for your Missionary or for our Home Office? If so, there are several easy ways to do it:

dot01spacerCredit & Debit Cards / Bank Info - You can easily set-up Automatic monthly gifts using your Card or Bank info. When you make an Online Donation through our website, you will be given the choice to make your donation a "One-time gift" or a "Monthly gift." If you select the “monthly” option, an Automatic monthly gift will occur on the day of the month you choose. Simply click DONATE ONLINE! at the top of this page to begin the process. You can even setup your own donor Login account if you so choose.

dot01spacerBill Pay - You can also have one-time checks or Automatic “monthly” checks sent via BILL PAY (which is a free service your Bank provides and can be found when you login to your personal Bank account online). Bill Pay is an awesome way to send funds and it's a free service (your Bank even pays for the postage each month). It's a great deal!  Look for Bill Pay the next time you login to your Bank account. You do not need a signature card like in the old days. It's easy to set up and you can cancel or revise whenever you want to. When you use Bill Pay, here’s the info that you will need:

dot03spacera) Make your Bill Pay Checks payable to "World Outreach" (all gifts are tax deductible).
dot03spacerb) Put your Missionary's Name in the memo (or Home Office if your gift is to support the Home Office).
dot03spacerc) Include your full name and address.
dot03spacerd) Have Checks mailed to: World Outreach, PO Box B, Marietta GA 30061.

spacer Donate through the Mail

Donate and Go Into All The World
USPS dot01spacerMake all checks payable to "World Outreach" and put your Missionary's name in the memo (or "Home Office" if your gift is to help our home office).

Mail to: World Outreach Ministries, PO Box B, Marietta, GA 30061

You can also send monthly checks through the mail by using Bill Pay as explained above. When you do, a check will be mailed to our office each month. Most Banks provide this service free of charge and even pay for the postage -- See the Bill Pay details above.

spacer Donate via our Toll Free Number

Call Us Today - 800-832-9673 dot01spacerIf you prefer to have one of our Team members help you set things up by telephone, do not hesitate to call our office.
dot01spacerOur Toll-Free Number is available between 9am to 3pm Eastern Time.
dot01spacerCall Toll Free: 1-800-832-WORD (1-800-832-9673).

spacer Donate With Stocks!

Stocks dot01spacerMany people prefer to donate via Stocks. Our system makes it easy!
dot01spacerThere can be specific Tax benefits when you donate with Stocks.
dot01spacerAll donors will receive a Tax-deductible receipt as allowed by law.
dot01spacerVisit our Stock Donation page:

spacer Donate With Cryptocurrency!

Donate With Cryptocurrency! dot01spacerMore and more people desire to donate with Crypto. Our system makes it super easy!
dot01spacerBitcoin, Ethereum, and over 35+ different Cryptos!
dot01spacerDesignate your gift for your Missionary or our Home Office.
dot01spacerNo limits! Even large gifts are automatically converted to $USD.
dot01spacerPrompt receipt for all donors (Tax-deductible for USA donors).
dot01spacerVisit our Crypto Donation Page:

spacer Donate Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV's & Motorcycles!
spacer Donate Cars, Trucks, Boats,
spacer RV's & Motorcycles!

Call Us Today - 800-832-9673 dot01spacerFree pickup! Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and RV's can be in any shape and do not even have to run!
dot01spacerThe proceeds can go to a WOM missionary outreach that you choose or for the support of our Home Office.
dot01spacerYou can get your vehicle removed, receive a Tax-deductible receipt for your donation, and help missions all at the same time!
dot01spacerAll you need to do is complete our Online form which starts the process.
dot01spacerFor more details and our easy process:

spacer Donate via Your Will

Wills dot01spacerAs we all grow older, it's not uncommon to begin reflecting back over our lives. Many Christians wish that they had done more to advance the Great Commission. By including our Missionary Agency in your Will, you can leave a Legacy for Christ that will have ongoing Global impact long after you have been promoted to heaven. In effect, by simply including us in your Will, your gift will help our Missionary Agency serve mission workers for years to come. Contact our office and we will provide you with a brief Fact Sheet on how easy it is to participate in our Legacy Program. Call 1-800-832-WORD (1-800-832-9673).

spacer Donate via Life Insurance & Annuities
spacer Donate via Life Insurance
spacer & Annuities

Life Insurance dot01spacerThe proceeds from Life Insurance policies and Annuities are always governed by the Beneficiary Form.  Most people do not realize that they CANNOT govern these type policies through their Will. Thus, if you want to participate in our Legacy Program (see above) via your Life Insurance and/or Annuity, you should talk with your Insurance Company and request a "Change of Beneficiary Form." This is a simple form that allows you to designate the beneficiaries of your policy. It's easy to include our Missionary Agency in your Life Insurance policy and/or Annuity. Discuss this with your Agent / Financial Planner and request a "Change of Beneficiary Form." directly from your Insurance Company. By doing this, you can truly leave a Legacy for Christ long after you have been promoted to heaven. You can call our office to discuss this: Call our office: 1-800-832-WORD (1-800-832-9673).

spacer Statement About Tax Deductible Gifts
spacer Statement About
spacer Tax Deductible Gifts

Deductible dot01spacerWorld Outreach Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1979. Our nonprofit Tax ID is 58-1387722. All donations to World Outreach Ministries, Inc. are Tax-deductible as allowed by law. In accordance with IRS guidelines, charitable contributions are made with the understanding that WOM and its Board of Directors have complete control and discretion over the use of all funds for our stated purpose of Christian missionary work. WOM has a standing policy to honor a donor's preference for any of our pre-approved missionary outreaches, as long as they remain in good standing with WOM. In the rare event that a mission worker is no longer in good standing and their account must be closed, any remaining funds will be applied to the ongoing work of our Missionary Agency.